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Fascism: 2019 World Tour, Part 7 (Azov on Our Mind, Part 3)

FTR #1097

MP3: FTR #1097.

Lat-est Pro-grams Record-ed Are: FTR #1098 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 8 (The Inter-mar-i-um Con-cept), FTR #1099 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 9 (Inter-mar-i-um Redux, “Will the Nation-al-ist Social-ist Rev-o-lu-tion Begin in Ukraine?”), FTR #1100 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 10–The Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity and FTR #1101 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 11, The Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity, Part 2 (Reflec-tions on the Piv-ot Point)  NOTE: All four audio por-tions have been embed-ded in the same descrip-tion, due to the fact that the Covert Action Mag-a-zine arti-cle on the Inter-mar-i-um is cen-tral to the dis-cus-sion.

Mr. Emory has how fin-ished and pub-lished AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes lis-ten-ers and read-ers will close-ly exam-ine, record and dis-sem-i-nate this infor-ma-tion. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

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Azov Bat-tal-ion Spin Off Nation-al Mili-tia, served as elec-tion mon-i-tors in Ukraine.

This pro-gram con-tin-ues analy-sis of the Azov milieu’s net-work-ing with fas-cist indid-vid-u-als and orga-ni-za-tions at an indi-vid-ual lev-el, at an orga-ni-za-tion-al lev-el and online.

Embrac-ing “lone wolf” fas-cists around the world, as well as net-work-ing with fas-cist orga-ni-za-tions and -bat-ants who have joined the war in Ukraine’s East-ern provinces, Azov is reca-pit-u-lat-ing the “Inter-mar-i-um” con-cept, mint-ed by Pol-ish head of state Josef Pil-sud-s-ki in the peri-od between the World Wars. Work-ing with Croa-t-ians aligned with the “Neo-Ustachi’ milieu we have cov-ered in many past pro-grams, Azov is seek-ing to devel-op a nascent East-ern and Cen-tral Euro-pean alliance of fas-cist and reac-tionary ele-ments.

Of par-tic-u-lar inter-est is the sig-nif-i-cance of the Ukrain-ian and Croa-t-ian fas-cist alliance, which will be explored at greater length in future pro-grams.

Oth-er pro-grams high-light-ing the return of the Ustachi to pow-er in the “new” Croa-t-ia include: FTR #‘s 49, 154, 766, 901.

Next, we note that The FBI arrest-ed a US Army sol-dier for plan-ning domes-tic ter-ror attacks. Jar-rett William Smith–charged with one count of dis-trib-ut-ing infor-ma-tion relat-ed to explo-sives and weapons of mass destruc-tion.

Cel-e-bra-tion of the 75th Anniver-sary of the 14th Waf-fen SS Divi-sion in Lviv, Ukraine

Smith has been in con-tact with the Azov Bat-tal-ion. As ear-ly as 2016, he talked about trav-el-ing to Ukraine to join Azov. He joined the US mil-i-tary instead in June of 2017. After join-ing the mil-i-tary, Smith used Face-book to con-nect with anoth-er Amer-i-can who had trav-eled to Ukraine in 2017 to 2019 to fight with a group sim-i-lar to Azov, which appears to be Pravy Sek-tor. This Amer-i-can report-ed-ly act-ed as Smith’s men-tor.

Using the encrypt-ed mes-sag-ing app Telegram, Smith dis-cussed with an under-cov-er FBI agent his plans for a car bomb attack against an unnamed major cable news network’s head-quar-ters and dis-trib-uted bomb-mak-ing mate-ri-als. He also talked about attacks against mem-bers of antifa and inter-est-ed in find-ing like-mind-ed indi-vid-u-als to help him.

Look-ing ahead to oth-er arti-cles below, we note that: “. . . . Ear-li-er this month, for-mer FBI agent Ali Soufan, who runs the glob-al secu-ri-ty firm the Soufan Cen-ter, tes-ti-fied that 17,000 for-eign-ers, includ-ing from the U.S. have trav-eled to Ukraine in recent years to gain para-mil-i-tary skills there. They fought along-side far-right groups like Azov and were return-ing home with those new skills. . . .”

Updat-ing the sto-ry of Jar-rett William Smith, we note:

  1. Smith’s appar-ent men-tor is Craig Lang, anoth-er US Army vet.
  2. Craig Lang joined Right Sec-tor, and then the Geor-gian Nation-al Legion in the Ukrain-ian civ-il war.
  3. Lang, along with fel-low Army vet Alex Zwiefel-hofer, is accused of rob-bing and killing the cou-ple in an effort to get mon-ey to trav-el to Venezuela to “par-tic-i-pate in an armed con-flict against the Boli-var-i-an Repub-lic of Venezuela.”
  4. After leav-ing Right Sec-tor he joined the Geor-gian Nation-al Legion, which is also fight-ing in Ukraine.
  5. In pre-vi-ous pro-grams, we have high-light-ed the appar-ent role of Geor-gian snipers in the Maid-an provo-ca-tion, the tem-po-rary role of for-mer Geor-gian pres-i-dent Saakashvili as gov-er-nor of Odessa, as well as UNA-UNSO -bat activ-i-ty in Geor-gia’s war with Rus-sia. (UNA-UNSO is a branch of the UNA.)
  6. Zwiefel-hofer also fought with Right Sec-tor.
  7. The arti-cle below states that Lang and Smith were in con-tact in 2016, which is a year before Smith joined the US Army.
  8. The pre-vi-ous Vice arti-cle stat-ed that the FBI said Smith got into con-tact with Lang after he joined the US Army in June of 2017.
  9. Accord-ing to a June 23, 2016, con-ver-sa-tion between Smith and Lang, Smith wrote, “No for-mer mil-i-tary expe-ri-ence, but if I can-not find a slot in Ukraine by Octo-ber I’ll be going into the Army … To fight is what I want to do. I’m will-ing to lis-ten, learn, and train. But to work on firearms is fine by me too.”
  10. Lang respond-ed, “Alright, I’ll for-ward you over to the guy that screens peo-ple he’ll most like-ly add you soon[ … ] Also as a pre-warn-ing if you e to this unit and the gov-ern-ment es to shut down the unit you will be asked to fight. You may also be asked to kill cer-tain peo-ple who bee on the bad graces of cer-tain groups.
  11. It appears that Lang was prep-ping Smith both to fight against the Ukrain-ian gov-ern-ment, if nec-es-sary and to be pre-pared to -mit assas-si-na-tions.
  12. Giv-en every-thing we know about this case at this point, it appears that Right Sec-tor was send-ing a poten-tial recruit into the US Army to learn the kinds of skills that would be use-ful for neo-Nazi ter-ror cam-paigns and that recruit was arrest-ed for dis-sem-i-nat-ing those skills and plan-ning exact-ly that kind of ter-ror cam-paign.

Against the back-ground of 17,000 for-eign fight-ers gain-ing para-mil-i-tary expe-ri-ence in Ukraine, a Vice piece from July notes that Ukraine real-ly is be-ing a nexus for the inter-na-tion-al far right. That is pre-cise-ly what the Azov Bat-tal-ion has been work-ing on doing.

In that con-text we note that:

  1. For-eign fight-ers have tak-en the -bat skills honed in Ukraine’s war to oth-er Euro-pean nations. ” . . . . Researchers warn that Ukraine is rad-i-cal-iz-ing far-right for-eign fight-ers in the same way Syr-ia has with jihadis — albeit on a small-er scale — cre-at-ing a glob-al net-work of -bat-test-ed extrem-ists who pose a secu-ri-ty threat that is now begin-ning to man-i-fest itself. . . .”
  2.  ” . . . . [Kacper] Rekawek said Ukraine ful-filled the need, expressed by many ide-o-logues on the extreme right, for a ‘safe space’ for Nazis out-side the West, where they could net-work and orga-nize beyond the pry-ing eyes of domes-tic secu-ri-ty ser-vices. . . .”
  3. Russ-ian fas-cists have fought on both sides of the conflict–a har-bin-ger of pos-si-ble fas-cist sub-ver-sion of Putin should they gain the upper hand in Rus-sia after their return.
  4. ” . . . . Swedish neo-Nazis who joined on the Ukrain-ian side saw it as essen-tial-ly ‘the con-tin-u-a-tion of the Sec-ond World War on the east-ern front. You are white Europe and you’re fight-ing Asia, in the form of Rus-sia.’ . . . .”
  5. ” . . . . Joachim Furholm, a Nor-we-gian neo-Nazi and recruiter for Azov said their efforts would also help white nation-al-ist forces in the one coun-try where he believed they had the best shot of -ing to pow-er. . . .‘It’s like a Petri dish for fas-cism… and they do have seri-ous inten-tions of help-ing the rest of Europe in retak-ing our right-ful lands,’ he said. . . .”

We con-clude by not-ing that House Democ-rats are lob-by-ing that the Azov Bat-tal-ion be labeled a For-eign Ter-rotr Orga-ni-za-a-tion. This would facil-i-tate attempts to neu-tral-ize -bat-ants who had served with Azov upon their return to this coun-try.

Good luck with that!


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